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A simple software to delete the virus  on your usb drive& system

Successfully made it to auto-remove virus from pen-drive & Infected PC ,no need to insert drive letter it will do it's work by own. ;)


 And Please Consider Donating,for this project,if you feels I deserve some help from you. use the buy now button on left side  

Its my first simple software on Windows platform,previously I was On Symbian Phone(that was easy), SOFTPEDIA hosted it on their site  x-) I will attach more option,but actually I doesn't have any virus 😒   but when I finds in any one's lappy😋 ,I adds it in this little app.  😈     


 From CNET
Updates on
 GitHub fork and UPdate


change log:

V 1.0  
 auto deleting of viruses wasn’t there
vs  1.2
auto deleting,more virus list added 

Vs  1.5.7  
Many USB virus list added to auto-delete,
added disable autoplay of USB drive,makes more immune to virus message box when app finishes its tasks,etc

Vs 1.7.7  
Minor bug was in 1.5.7 so fixed it.
added unknown com file deleting,auto.

Vs 1.9.7
  showing in AVG as virus fixed it now will show first the directory files then after you press enter it will delete all found virus

Vs 2.0.5  
Minor Changes,like First It Will show your drive contents,what files are there in your USB drive
Added forceful removal of autorun.exe few virus list added  

Vs 2.0.7
/*My friend   (Arijit)  told me its annoying,if you don’t have any exe virus files in your USB & if you knows it, then it will be better if you can skip this step,So now you can skip this step via pressing enter key, else if you have exe virus then press any key & it will ask you to delete that */

Vs 2.1.3

Menu added  ->
Skip deletion of exe,if they dont have any exe virus  ->
disable autoplay  ->
rename all exe to exe virus  ->
delete all virus.exe selecting one by one   ->
Added removal of regsvr.exe startup  ->
Complete  removal of foldername or file shortcut creating virus from infected System    
  -> removal of other virus Startup

1.automated removal of all virus,you just have to enter the drive letter
2. Check for update option
3.new virus list added.
4. metro theme type,colors in every stage
5.Complete removal of cmd,registery,taskmanger, killer virus from infected system.
6.removal of recycler folder from c drive
7 removal of recycler.exe
8.Complete removal of new folder.exe virus from infected system
9.complete removal of regsvr.exe virus from infected system
10. complete removal of autorun.exe from infected system
// you can send me virus in zipped file through mediafire or via dropbox, if you can see it,just reply here
// there name too will be listed here for development help/tester
vs what it will include
1. Complete removal of windows 7 rebooting virus,after login screen
2. USB Auto Virus Removal by auto detecting the pendrives attached
3. Many New Virus list added like ravmon,iexplorer,etc ( usb only now)
4. New GUI clear look
5. Donation Button Included
6. Installable Software Now
7. Auto-Startup of USB Virus Auto-Remover (to auto remove Virus from your USB Drives if any)
8. Added Process Terminator,If the  taskmaneger doesnot opens, can be used to kill virus process

9. USB exe deleter will only work when there’s usb attached
10. Spanish language added
11. TaskManager for virus process Termination,if default taskmgr doesn't opens
12. Virus File Deleter,It will let you to delete the virus file you wants to delete from your usb drive,if any
13. Now you can change the Background color from the drop-down menu
14.Romanian + Turkish language
15. Two shortcut creating virus list added. 
and adding more……
Vs 2.2 
1.many new virus list added.

2.now it can delete adult videos too if parent but is in beta stage,may will work may not will work.

3.added process explorer "famous process explorer app",thanks to dev,u can use this if task manger fails.

4.it can now auto delete all usb virus and auto unhide all files.

5.removing bat file use and so included commands in app,so it may will launch many cmd panels so chill everything is fine.

6.theres exe file deleter will let you delete exe files in ur usb drive if u find anything suspecious.
and adding more……

                                          DOWNLOAD Vs 2.2.5

 VS 2.2 working  on winxp,will work on all windows
showing newfolder.exe autorun.exe,shortcut,regsvr.exe,cmd,taskmanger killer
virus removal


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