2/02/2014 08:51:00 AM
A simple software to delete the virus  on your usb drive & Autorun.inf remover on other drive

 The main Power of this program is that It can delete virus from all your Drive at Once,after you press Remove Virus.

This Is the last release of this software,please use this s/w instead 
All USB Virus Remover

you can use registery fix via clicking the registerfix & exe deleter text

if you are facing registery close issue too,then you will have to be fast to apply the fix.

Its in Beta Channel,So Please After Testing,Reply So that I will fix that Bug

remember it wont remove your infected pc virus,rather it will make you're  safe with these viruses.
But don't worry I am adding them too.As I tested to remove foldername.exe virus remove from 
infected pc,& voila it removed, some file I needed to delete manually.
so if you have then check for startup folder & remove unknown files 


you will need winrar or 7zip to open this file
Plz reply your view,if you can,its in Beta channel

New Vs will Include foldername.exe removal & fix
from the infected system,with other viruses 

 copy of shortcut
 shortcut virus hiding everything
 new folder.exe ......


File & folder shortcut creating virus removing from infected pc
( to remove it completely from infected pc,first click remove virus,then go to 
exe deleter & reg fix option window,& click 
all virus stsrtup remove ;)  )

Directory Browser GUI ( THANK YOU to someone for this code0
Music.exe virus list added
All to auto-delete


Rahadian Putra said...

Looks promising! this one really worth to try, thanks for share!
Btw for some reason why I can't hit the "g+1" button?

A.K Singh said...

Its on you ;) ,if it satisfies you then you can hit any 3 buttons(sharing/like) you like

zakaria algory said...

thank you ... good work

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