5/06/2013 03:49:00 PM

 you may have encountered this type of error while playing NFS MW,IGI 1,etc  😌

don't worry here's a solution,

Right Click on Desktop,go to Screen Resolution

 change Resolution from 1366*768 to Smaller Resolution like 1024*.. or 12...

 then apply
  after that Go to Advance Settings 

 the click Intel Graphics & Media Control Panel
     click Scaling change to Full... 

apply  🍜

then again select 1366*768 & apply the settings done,




 now Play the game This time you
 wont see this error πŸ˜‡


computergk.com said...

How to-How to Solve Problems with Game Bar in Window 10 Sometimes Games running on window didn't respond by pressing Window logo key with G

Leo said...

Pls give a solution on IGI part 1 !! Still facing this screen and display problem!

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