5/04/2013 08:37:00 PM
The drive where windows is installed is locked,Unlock the drive solution
This problem will not let you to recover form this error &

                                                        Refreshing your PC will too not work  
                & will not let you to Reset your pc ,so do these steps for solving this problem
1. insert the windows 8/7 bootable dvd , or boot into recovery environment if you can

2. select keyboard US INTERNATIONAL , must or it will give problem writing  "\" 😠

3. press SHIFT+F10 , to open command prompt

4. type these commands
 please click the link to view the commands

stpe 1:type
bootrec /fixmbr

step 2:
bootrec /fixboot

step 3:
bootrec /RebuildBcd

after thet press

eg Screenshot:

😀, enjoy 🎈 πŸŽ‚  now you can boot into windows. 

comment if it solved πŸ˜‡


R Chandrasekhar said...

It says the requested system device cannot be found after showin


Tony Oliver said...

yeah I'm getting the same thing...
did you get that issue fixed?
i did a disc check and it found errors but i can't fix them cause the drive is locked

A.K Singh said...

does my screenshot matches with yours, I mean does it says " Total Identified windows installation:1
if it then press Y to continue,else please show the screenshots with your camera & upload it somewhere

A.K Singh said...

I fixed mine with the same commands above please try that commands.

Sean Cezar said...

It really works . .thanks!

james winterbottom said...

It cant find any installations of windows, it wont let me install it cos the drive is locked.. Help?

A.K Singh said...

james, I cant help you like this,
please upload screenshot of your commands & error to somewhere & paste link here,so I will able to say what is the problem & what can be its solution.

Random Salmon said...

I tried the commands and after pressing 'y' I got this message - "The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process"

A.K Singh said...

its may be because you are currently running windows os,you will have to same steps as described above, because its not getting Admin access & its currently in read only mode so,try above steps.

lostonapc said...

I got 'successfully scanned Windows installations.
Total identified Windows installations:1
[1] \\?\GLOBALROOT\ Device\Harddiskvolume5\Windows
Add installation to boot list?
When I type y it says "The requested system device cannot be found"

Nash said...

In first step when i typed bootrec /fixmbr, got the error "A device attached to the system is not functioning".
Any Suggestion

Nash said...

I tried the command at first step but it says a device is not available

Nash said...

Entered the first command on commandline, getting error "A device attached to the system is not working"

A.K Singh said...

type diskpart then type
list disk
then see if any disks are connected,if its connected
then type
list volume
see how many volumes are connected,

also check the cmd is running as admin or not

Kensoy said...

step one, complete
step 2 it says element not found plz help!

A.K Singh said...

What you cant even go to formatting th.system insert DVD then press any key when asked on reboot then gp to nect step

Kashmir said...

Thx very much.. It Works!! Thx again and again and again :) ;)

Marco Wieser said...

Works for me !!!! Thanks !!!

Unknown said...

It says "there are no fixed disks to show "

Samantha Kourdi said...

It says Total Identified Windows installations:0
The operation completed successfully

still can not do nothing

A.Kr. Singh said...

Chk using diskpart if it shows any disk attached ,if yes then try again all steps ,& yeah using diskpart try to attach disk then try steps if it doesnt shows up reply will try solve

Brian Lomas said...

Everything works fine until I get to RebuildBCD. previously I was shown the option of Yes, No or All, pressing Y had no effect the when I pressed enter I received an error message (can't remember which one but basically the operation hadn't been successful). I tried again and now at the same point I receive the following message "Total Identified Windows installations:0
The operation completed successfully"
List volume shows 2 x healthy partitions.
I'm not sure what else to do, I've just been going round in circles for hours.

A.Kr. Singh said...

Well according to your comment,total identified window is 0,mean it dint found any window there,

Chk using diskpart if it shows any disk attached ,if yes then try again all steps ,& yeah using diskpart try to attach disk then try steps if it doesnt shows up reply will try solve & do reply diakpart error if u find any.

anonymous sabry said...

I had same screen shots above and I did commands but nothing change

A.Kr. Singh said...

You must be missing some steps,chk again everything.and any error u got there?

James Snow said...

I did this bc after the steps it said 0 window installations but it completed it successfully. Then after I typed the disk part and list volumes I found that there is disk 0 online 74gb 1024 free then on list volume 1 ltr c: PRIMARY FAT32 partition 74Gb Healthy and I was going to just install version 8.1 but my windows key code is for 7 which came on the darn thing so what do i do?

A.Kr. Singh said...

ohkk,so u have win 7 product key,why dont u install win only? and then upgrade your pc to win 8 or win 10,then you wont need key for 8 or 10 i guess.

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