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Autorun.inf,shortcut,etc all usb virus remover help

The Software is more powerful now & will make it more better. some Antivirus may detect it as malware,it doesn’t contains any virus
1. first what you have to do is enter the drive letter Like,eg:
  your pendrive letter is
                           mypendrive (H:)
so just enter h or H ,then press enter
it will wait for 7 second so that you can see the contents of your pendrive so that in
next step you can select the required operation.
2. To be immune from virus you can disable the autoplay of usb drives, to disable it go to
   (only for windows 8,as in windows 8 it open the pendrives by default. & for windows 8
 do same it will open like given just do same as shown)
 press Windows Button => type => autoplay => click setting option in charm bar
then a window  will open just change the autoplay option of removal drive to
                    Ask me every time
 now when it completes the virus removal process some exe files remains when it’s attacked by
    new folder.exe virus . Now we will know what these option does
3. Options are like
 1. 1.Skip deletion of exe files

 2.Rename all exe in root to exe_virus and delete_later, manually
 (not recommended, if infected with exe virus use option 3)

 3. Delete exe files,by Choosing which to delete

 4. Remove regsvr.exe virus startup
 5. Remove All virus startup (recommended  if already infected with file and folder shortcut
 creating virus and with cmd,taskmanager,regedit killer)
 6. Check for Updates (Both GUI and CMD vs) or Submit virus unknown to app in .zip/7z file via comment

 7. Donate/Send me Beer, will help a lot. You can donate any amount you wish :)

 Details of operation

 when you presses
  it Skips deletion of Exe files,make sure you dont have any exe virus,& proceeds to exit point
  this option renames all exe to exe_virus but only in root of drive so that you can delete them by selecting the virus files
  eg: your drive conatins these files

 in this scenario only d:\setup.exe will be renamed to exe_virus,so make sure you only have virus in root of drive

  Delete exe files one by one
   this is a very complex step,but there no choice when its infected with exe virus,so it will ask you which exe file to delete
    so delete unknown files by pressing Y or y else you can press N or n to leave deletion of that file
  remove regsvr.exe virus startup
    if you are infected with regsvr.exe virus then you wont be able to access the registery editor, it will say
      registery editor is disabled by Administrator
      so for use the tool to remove virus then reboot your pc, & use the help from my website
    after that use this option to delete regsvr.exe startup
  5.All virus startup remove like file & folder shortcut creating virus, cmd,regedit,task amanger,etc closer/killing virus which
    kill these process before it operates,so you will have to be fast to click merge registery,but wont needed if viruses removed,
    but still to be safe use this option
   you can use this option to check for updates, of this software & also the gui vs of this.
    & you can also submit me virus by commenting in post
  Sending ME Beer (actually I don’t drink) ;), it’s LIKE a Treat to me from You if you are satisfied with my work ,as Any software takes many hours & days for Final Completion of Software.
    You pays many$$ just to be free from autorun.inf, but what I am giving you is FREE software includes many virus removal tool for lifetime,but if You thinks I DESERVE something for my work,
    You can Donate me any amount you wish.  The Donator Name will be published on Site for helping Me as Contributors for 1 month
Last But not Least Thank You guys for Using My Software
                                                            ~~A. Kr Singh~~


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