8/23/2017 12:16:00 PM
sorry for not posting anything its been too long,anyways here's first post ,where we will decorate windows drive icons with cool icons.

First of all download winbubble.zip software : its a nice tool which can be used to do various tasks
just explore you will enjoy.

Lets start

so here we can see all my drive icons are with old icons,lets decorate it....

open folder and launch the app,better launch it with administrator rights,
got icon tab and click specific drive and select clicking "--- "
then either select from these or use browse and make sure you download icons whatever you want to replace with.
select icon and then click apply
and voila now you have decorated windows drive icons.
                                                      well you can do more and many more with this software
                                here i have changed oem info which shows when we open computer properties

anyway thnx for visiting my blog. :)

winbubble software Blog : http://unlockforus.blogspot.in/2007/10/windows-vista-unlocks-news-tips-and.html


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